About Us

The unexpected organic qualities found within the urban milieu of South Los Angeles where this jewelry designer grew up, has inspired Kuumba’s vibrant creativity. Growing up in this area of LA, Kuumba witnessed the beauty of nature’s victorious beautiful struggle in her surroundings.  

Though her families property was surrounded by large industrial tracts and concrete, they lived a country life in the city with fruit bearing trees, massive vegetable gardens with pet chickens, ducks dogs and cats all of whom lived in harmony. This unlikely setting ignited a free spirited agrarian lifestyle, sanctuary and endless inspiration for her work to this day. Where some see squalor in vacant lots laced by railroad tracks, wild vines growing up walls, flowers sprouting out of the trunks of abandoned cars and wild grasses pushing through concrete; Kuumba sees a type of chaotic structure and finds her muse within it.

Kuumba's designs adorn many of the brightest and most beautiful women in the entertainment industry, including Beyonce Knowles Carter, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, India Arie and many more. They along with a loyal following appreciate this handcrafted jewelry line of purposefully unrefined, soldered and sculpted patterns hammered in recycled gold and silver. 

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